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Customer Case for Automatic Weighing and Feeding Machine


  What you see in the picture is automatic weighting and feeding system,which could realize seamless joint with haloong power press machine.

Customer Case for Automatic Feeding Machine

  The automatic material weighing and feeding system is an important link of refractory fully automatic production line(broken+batching+mix+forming+stacking),which saving one feeding operator.this advanced technology control the precision within national standard:10kg±30g and realize seamless joint with haloong power screw press machine.

  The machine weighing system is based on exact weight to solve the problem that the product weight and size a big tolerance when feeding by volume then improve the product pass rate.  Feeding machine can be seamless docking with CNC presses to reduce labor cost and intensity. And the production data can be collection. Provide a reliable basis for enterprise to analysis of large data and make an efficient, sophisticated management 

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