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Customer Case for High Aluminum Brick Electric Screw Press


 What you see in the picture is production field for high aluminum bricks, picture 1 and picture 3 is static pressure type(fully closed) press machine, picture 2 is Ordinary Type(semi-closed) press machine.

Customer Case for High Aluminum Brick Electric Screw Press Machine

  High aluminum bricks was always production with High-volume in refractory industry,and efficiency is the lifeblood of company.our high speed power press machine could realize the speed that every 6 to 8 seconds one brick and 100% quality rate. Which is the most proven technique with high efficiency.

  What’s more, we update the ordinary type(semi-closed) press machine to static type(fully closed)press machine to realize lengthening the lifespan of bolt and screw to 2-4 times.Meanwhile,the latest version could production two or three bricks in once blow,as well Automatic Spray Release Agent.

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