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Customer Case for Magnesium Carbon Brick Power Screw Press

  What you see in the picture is customer case of 630 ton power screw press machine.this machine could realize on button operation and fully simulate human operation. And the 100% qualification rate of Magnesium carbon brick. static pressure type press machine could reduce the abrasion of screw and bolt and expand the lifespan to 2~4,reduce the maintenance cost.

Customer Case for Magnesium Carbon Brick Power Screw Press

  630 ton power screw press were design to single motor driven and double motor driven,which the double motor type increase the torque 30% by control two motors and ensure the torque real-time synchronization.

  Bigger tonnage power screw press can realize two magnesia carbon brick bricks in once blow.

  630 ton power press machine were equipment double motor,servo motor driven, power saving 60%, Strong blow, high qualification rate.our press machine is one button operation, needn’t maturity operator, labor saving, reduce labour intensity.the emergency stop button, can be achieved at any time emergency braking, improve production safety.

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