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Customer Case for Special-shape Brick Press Machine

   During the forming process of refractory bricks,special shaped brick and checker brick are the most difficult test for operators.As well know in refractory process, press lightly to exhaust then blow heavily is the most basic operation,meanwhile the operator must care of the complex shape to ensure the quality of bricks.PC power press were limited by technology, which were hard to meet the standard of monolithic refractories bricks.and then the synchronous servo NC press machine were produced by Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Which were simulate human blow process completely,realize 100% qualification rate,which are the best choose for special shaped brick and checker brick.

Customer Case for Special-shape Brick Press Machine

  Compare with the standard bricks,special shaped bricks demands high standards on the die and the presses.the production process could be set user-defined by the touch screen of haloong power screw press machine.the control system could member more than 100 kinds of different production process.the potency dimension,times and speed of process could be PC control,then reduce human factor, increase the quality,especially the special shapes bricks. 

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