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Application of servo press machine in refractory industry

Press machine is an important technology to support basic industries such as automotive and electrical and electronic, precision machines and so on. Therefore, in the process of transfer to the emerging production, high precision, high efficiency of these proud of the product manufacturing concept also transferred together. especially

In recent years, low noise, shock absorption, save resources to become a new concept of manufacturing. As a result, Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed to meet these requirements forging presses machine.

the biggest advantage of press machine: the flexibility of slider movements and the ability to achieve high precision, high value-added processing. Constructed as follows: In the case of servo force, the crankshaft mechanism with the pressing torque at the high position is equipped with the pressure factor, the torque ability and the working ability. It is equipped with the pressure to ensure enough energy even at low speed Machine dedicated servo motor. Unique low-speed high-torque servo motor and power averaging system development, so that the press at low speed to eliminate energy shortage, even if the speed of 90% deceleration of the slider case, you can also achieve 100% of the energy release. To achieve a deep drawing and multi-stage forming processing, temperature forming processing, the speed changes and require complex action of the forming process. Moreover, also equipped with manual pulse and other standard settings. For environmental considerations, set the soft mode to achieve low noise. Can be recycled to the oil, in order to achieve provincial resources. Also, for power cost considerations, the power capacity can be set to be the same as the previous device.

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