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NC or PC, What’s your choice about power screw press?

When manufacturing, we usually process the press machine to several systems as NC system, PC systrem, Digital display system.

1) CNC system: digital control of the speed, torque, displacement control.
2)  Program control system: program control, speed, torque control. The same time as
3) Digital display system: digital display, the speed, torque, displacement display, but can not control.
4) CNC can be very flexible for a variety of process settings control.
5) Program control for a program for control.

In the specific use of the process, the program has been factory in the factory has been adjusted, according to set procedures.
CNC is a digital control, can be set arbitrarily, so the technical, flexibility, accuracy is much higher, the same type of equipment, the price aspect of the NC program is much higher

  Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.focus on design, manufacturing and export power press since 1980. we supply for  Crusher system, Mixer system, Auto batching system, Auto material feeding system, Press forming system, Auto detect system, Auto stacking system,Fefractory brick-Auto production line,Double disk friction reform.welcome customized.

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