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Special Environment Require for Power Screw Press Machine

1.Do not contain acid, alkali and other corrosive or flammable objects in the working environment!
2.Do not using inThe temperature changes violently, the shock is particularly strong in the working environment!
3.Do not contain Strong electric field and strong magnetic field in the working environment!
4.Do not contain Steam, Dust conductive strong occasions environment in the working place.
For acid,alkali and steam environment will corrode the machine parts, and influence the precision. Every safeguard procedures will extend the lifespan of power press machine.

Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.focus on design, manufacturing and export power press since 1980. we supply for  Crusher system, Mixer system, Auto batching system, Auto material feeding system, Press forming system, Auto detect system, Auto stacking system,Fefractory brick-Auto production line,Double disk friction reform.welcome customized.

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