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The Press Machine in Daily Life

You too? when hearing about press machine, only look blankly. Well, maybe you have know something about the origin of press machine, The screw press was first invented and used by the Romans in the first century A.D. It was used primarily in wine and olive oil production. Well, several hundreds years gone, but the shadow of ancient invent permeate in our life.

The juicer, whether a tasty fruit juice or vegetable juice, all made by a mini “press machine”. The cookie: what you see those patterns on cookies, animals,flowers,cartoon figure were all pressed With a biscuit mold, like a stamp pressure, the biscuits above the pattern to do it. This is the most simple “press machine”.

press machine in daily life

Simple machine for simple daily use,and complex machine for important use. For example is refractory industry and forging industry.they need high precision power press to produce high quality firebricks and metal parts.

Finally, will you still think that press machine only for industry using? Open your eyes, close the prejudice, you’ll find technology live around us.

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